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Rain In Spain Demo Reel

See some of the motion design work Rain In Spain Creative Studio has produced recently

Kodiak Cakes Animation for TV Campaign

I recently had the chance to work with the lovely people at Kodiak Cakes on their latest TV campaign. I was asked to create two animations of their packaging coming to life and then a brief outdoor adventure featuring a boy and a girl. Take a look at the results below.

How a Canadian Boy Becomes a Man

This animation was created for the Canadian themed website, (still in development!). It’s also a birthday present for my son Kai, on his 13th birthday.

2016 BC Summer Reading Club Support Website

Rain in Spain was asked by the BC Library Association to create the 2016 Summer Reading Club’s support website. Featuring the illustrations of Lee Edward Födi, this years artwork invites the SRC members to “Book A Trip” to a variety of locations along with a crew of characters right out of a storybook. Each page… Continue reading →

Bargain Village Halloween Animation

Rain In Spain created this animation for Bargain Village, a consignment clothing store. For consignment clothing stores, Halloween is like Christmas. Which makes Christmas like . . . Groundhog Day?

BC Securities “Invest Right” Campaign

In February of 2015, I was asked by the creative people at Slingshot to work in tandem with another illustrator to create a whiteboard-animation for the BC Securities Commission’s “Invest Right” campaign. Whiteboard animation is challenging because you only get one shot at getting it right. If you make a mistake you have to start over… Continue reading →

The Shrunks

The Shrunks is a Vancouver based company specializing in toys and products that facilitate the often frought bedtime routines of children. They wanted to create a fictional family that used their products in a series of animated short videos. Rain In Spain was asked to design the characters and create the animation. The work shown… Continue reading →

Tourism BC Animatic and Storyboard

Rain in Spain Creative Studio was asked to create a storyboard for a TV spot advertising BC Tourism. Highlighting the wide range of activities available to the BC tourist, the storyboard called for a number of complex transitions between a diverse set of environments – from fly fishing to zip lining, to totem pole gazing and finally… Continue reading →