Recent Projects

Georgia Straight Magazine Cover – Tsunami

This cover illustration for Georgia Straight Magazine accompanied an article about the risk of a tsunami to Vancouver Island if a large earthquake was to hit the west coast.

“Bubble Mouse” Game Backgrounds

Rain In Spain Creative Studio was recently asked by Masque Publishing to create some backgrounds for their newly released game, Bubble Mouse. Below are a few the backgrounds created.

The Shrunks

The Shrunks is a Vancouver based company specializing in toys and products that facilitate the often frought bedtime routines of children. They wanted to create a fictional family that used their products in a series of animated short videos. Rain In Spain was asked to design the characters and create the animation. The work shown… Continue reading →

Ad Pages Cover Illustration

RISCS was asked to illustrate the cover of the 2011 Ad Pages, a directory of creative services. The illustration accompanied an article about guerrilla marketing, specifically a recent campaign where thousands of pink flamingos appeared on Vancouver’s streets and lawns.    

Electron Man Comic Books

Rain In Spain was asked by Day4 Energy to help develop a community outreach project. Together we created a comic book series targeted to youth that addressed issues of energy production and consumption. I wrote and illustrated the series featuring Electron Man, a hero with a solar powered energy suit. We follow his adventures as he fights the monsters… Continue reading →

Taylor Jane Comic Book

Taylor Jane was a project created for a proposed new SiFi network series. The comic was used as marketing material to create some buzz at the San Diego ComiCon. Rain In Spain designed the main character and all artwork associated with the comic book.

Online Flash Games for BC Lotteries

Between 2006 and 2009 RISCS was contracted by the BC Lottery Corporation to develop casual games for their newly launched online gaming platform, Over the course of the project I helped conceive and developed 15 games, which is great as I love games, and I’m always playing games like WoW Classic, as I can get wow… Continue reading →

Bee Boy Character Design

In 2008 RISCS worked with Scott Ross of Digital Domain, one of Hollywood’s most powerful digital media executives, as a character and production designer. The project was a pitch for a movie to be shown at the China National Petroleum Corporation’s pavilion at the 2010 World’s Fair in Beijing. The story revolved around a young… Continue reading →

Tourism BC Animatic and Storyboard

Rain in Spain Creative Studio was asked to create a storyboard for a TV spot advertising BC Tourism. Highlighting the wide range of activities available to the BC tourist, the storyboard called for a number of complex transitions between a diverse set of environments – from fly fishing to zip lining, to totem pole gazing and finally… Continue reading →